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Total Fitness in Just 30 Minutes Per Week!
One on One Private Training Studio
Call today for your free initial visit! 949.581.2353

For those who:

  • Have little time to exercise
  • Bored with hours in the gym without results
  • Whose joints and muscles ache from over training
  • Intimidated even by the idea of strength training
  • Discouraged by workouts with no visible results
  • Tired of feeling uncomfortable in a sweaty gym

The New Wave Fitness is truly for you.  Imagine a fitness program so powerfully effective that you will:

  • Get stronger faster by with less work
  • Increase bone density and ward off osteoporosis
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce or eliminate back pain
  • Make your body a powerful fat-burning machine in just 30 minutes a week.
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Could fitness be this simple?

Yes, fitness can be this simple, it also can be safe. SuperSlow and HIT is the safest form of exercise. It is non-impact and isolates the muscle.

Twenty years of research preceded this breakthrough in fitness training. Many experts agree the key to fitness is not aerobic but resistance training (muscle strength & density). Nobody is saying you should quit aerobics if it is something you like to do for fun. You can do it in addition to weight training, never as a substitute. For the average person aerobic does little to change your body composition. Unlike weight training, which speeds your fat-burning metabolism, the moment you stop the treadmill, you stop burning the calories. In other hand, pounding a road with the ball of your feet for so many years is equivalent with putting hundred of pounds of pressure on your knees.

When we hit age 30, we begin losing muscle mass. By the time we pass 50, we are losing about 1% of our body mass each year, regardless of how active we are.  Studies have shown that the diminished strength that occurs with aging is evitable consequence of getting old. Strength is a function of muscle mass. The good news is; we can stop this and even reverse the loss of muscle mass. This, in turn, triggers many benefits in the body's other organ system. Your liver begins to work more efficiently. Your fitter muscles, better able to extract oxygen from blood, put less demand on your heart and lungs when you perform any type of physical work.

Building lean muscle mass has superior cardiovascular benefits. To serve that muscle, the body has to grow new micro vascular capillary networks. This makes the heart increase its efficiency to serve the extended network. Since the heart is a muscle too, increasing efficiency means getting stronger. The strong heart, more efficient at delivering oxygen to you muscle, which leads to lowering your blood pressure. Now you can see, that by improving muscle strength and mass, you will indirectly improve the health of all the other system in the body. This is not all, when you build lean muscle, you are giving your body the ability to burn more calories even when you’re not exercising. Having three extra pound of muscle allow you to burn about 10,000 extra calories a month just sitting around. In addition, remember, fat takes up a lot more space than muscle, which is far denser. You can lose 10 pounds of fat, gain 10 pounds of muscle, and still be fitter, leaner, and look far slimmer but weight in at exactly the same weight.

The only way to restore the level of muscle mass is the proper type of strength training. The New Wave Fitness uses the revolutionary slow-motion weight training program, with an emphasis on the three most important aspects: effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Slow-Motion Weight Training holds the secret that will improve your strength, rebuild your bones and muscle, restore your vitality, and postpone the aging process more safely and effectively than any other single form of exercise. 

The New Wave Fitness method of strength training is unlike any you have tried previously. Although you will be able to complete a total body strength session in less than 30 minutes, this technique will take each worked muscle to a state of complete fatigue.  In traditional-style weight training, lifters use momentum, and gravity to help them lift heavier weights and lift them faster, to snap the weights back and forth performing a few sets of eight to twelve repetitions. They risk repetitive trauma to the joints, ligaments, and tendons. The slow-motion strength training builds muscle better than any other form of training (about twice as fast as traditional weight training). It turns your body into a fat –burning machine not because of the extra calories you expend in the workout but because of the metabolic and hormonal changes it brings.

The typical slow-motion workout, takes you through four to six machines, engaging both the upper and lower body. By moving weight at a slow speed, you eliminate momentum, forcing the muscle to do all the work. The key element is that each exercise must be performed with slow, precise repetition, in perfect form and proper breathing technique, with a weight heavy enough to take the muscle being worked to total fatigue in just a few repetitions. At that point, the muscle fiber sends out signals that stimulate growth, increase strength, and improve metabolic functioning.

For maximum focus, results, and privacy we only allow one person at a time in the studio. This unique privacy is ideal for instructing those who are completely new to exercise, as well as helping experienced exercisers get the very most out of thier workouts. A Certified Personal Trainer in the Slow-Motion Technique will guide you through every step of your workout. We use the most technologically advanced weight training machines by MedX and Core Spinal Fitness.

New Wave Fitness is the first facility in South Orange County, which uses The Core Spinal Fitness System. This is medically based workout system that targets and enhances four factors essential to spinal health: strength, flexibility, stability, and endurance. A strong, flexible core provides a sound foundation for all body strength. The core workout is delivered through a series of bio-mechanically precise exercise machines specifically designed to target, isolate, and strengthen spinal muscle groups. Clinical studies have shown that MedX-based exercise therapy relieves pain, restores function, and reduces the need for spinal surgeries. The Core Spinal Fitness System is designed to provide similarly effective exercise as those used in the medical rehabilitation arena. A strong and healthy lumbar region is essential for overall strength and fitness. The Core Lumbar Strength machine, features the basic very effective pelvic restrain system, which means, that the spinal muscle along are lifting the weights. The Core Torso Rotations machine is the most effective machine in enhancing the flexibility and power of the muscle that rotate around the spine. This is tremendously beneficial for golfer, tennis and ball players or any activity where rotational torque is important.

Now anybody of any age at any fitness level can be engaged in high-intensity weight training and not worry about getting hurt.

Is it to be good to be truth?  You can find out about this by yourself.
The New Wave Fitness studio is located at 22762 Aspan St., Suite 213 in Lake Forest.

Conveniently Located near the 5 and 405 freeway merge. Serving: Lake Forest, Coto de Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Tustin, and surrounding areas.

Call today for your free initial visit! 949.581.2353

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